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Year: since 2006
Projects & Campaigns



In 2007, the group Fournier unveiled its secret weapon in the form of the SoCoo’c brand offering kitchens at ‘clever prices’ targeting younger prospects.
SoCoo’c has approximately fifty stores implanted in France. Proposing clever kitchens, modern and functional, designers offering relevant advice, competitive pricing, easy 3D design tool, SoCoo’c represents an innovative and personalised approach to kitchen arrangement and fitting.
The offering is ‘à la carte’ and quality is a priority thanks to factory-assembled elements.


ND started helping SoCoo’c with its digital communication strategy even before the brand was officially launched in 2007.
since the creation of the first website ND has continued its collaboration with SoCoo’c:

  • Development for the national network
  • Tools for monitoring all the commercial actions and promotional offers
  • Ergonomic design and artistic direction of the 3D configuration tool: IDCoo’c
  • Optimisation of natural referencing
  • Several upgrades to the digital environment.

In 2014, SoCoo’c decided to freshen up even further and launched a brand new website!

Objectives for the 2014 website revamp:

  • Place the emphasis on the fun&young side of the brand
  • Assist consumers in creating their project thanks to a simple and clever approach, in particular using the IDCoo’c tool
  • WEB TO STORE: Place the stores at the heart of the project
  • Satisfy new user requirements and needs
  • Focus on conversion objectives: appointments and catalogue orders
  • Capitalisation of the DB functionalities and architecture for all FOURNIER brand’s websites via a common Drupal 7 platform 7
  • Responsive Design
  • Design of JS interaction
  • Web services to automatically send the consumer base to FOURNIER
  • Interactive catalogue in page flip mode with a version compatible with mobile phones.