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  • Skyguide

Year: since 2012

  • Development of an internal platform


Skyguide is mandated to ensure the safe, fluid and cost-effective management of air traffic in Swiss airspace.

Skyguide has entrusted the Net Design Agency of Geneva to transpose into a digital version the “CONOPS” document which describes the operational concepts of the next two decades. This document specifies a high level of ATM (Air Traffic Management) whose implementation will gradually be applied to ensure air traffic management in the 2025/2030 horizon.

The CONOPS intranet version was delivered in 2013 by Net Design. The project required almost one year of collaboration between Skyguide and Net Design teams. Designers and ergonomists paid especially attention to the interface, the facility of navigation and the search on this platform. With a complex topic, it was crucial to make an easy consultation.