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Year: since 2013

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Silhouette has a number of fitness and gym rooms throughout the Lemanic region, established since the mid 80s and in Zurich since 2006. The group enjoys a strong reputation in Switzerland and has 20 gym rooms including 10 in the Geneva canton, 4 in the canton of Vaud and 6 in the canton of Zurich.


In order to modernise its image and satisfy the new requirements and needs of the users, Silhouette has entrusted Net Design with revamping its website.

3 main objectives:

  • Existing clients: ENHANCE LOYALTY by offering information that is clearer and easier to access, as well as additional services.
  • New clients: APPEAL TO THEM AND GUIDE THEM by proposing a modern and appealing environment, adapted content, also by helping them search for their preferred activities.
  • Silhouette: FACILITATE MAINTENANCE AND UPDATING OF THE SITE thanks to a user-friendly back-office that is simple to use

Identifying and prioritizing user needs, then placing these at the heart of the web site design project, using a user-focused approach.

Elements implemented to address the concept:

  • Web site and contents structured according to the clubs
  • Site Responsive Design (adapted to mobile phones and tablets)
  • Key information readily available: lesson schedules, activities, coaches…
  • Easy contact: forms, telephone, address and information on public transport
  • Dynamic web site: news and services displayed per Club, games available both on the website and Facebook page, testimonials
  • Personalised and social web site: contents can be shared on social networks with a member section planned for following up on different activities
  • Drupal 7 site
  • Three languages
  • Three languages
  • Responsive Design
  • Web services for ERP coming soon
  • Online payment coming soon