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Year: since 2002



Perene was founded in 1986 and is positioned at the high-end of the market, without being elitist. The company’s approach is based on listening to its customers and offering advice, placing the emphasis on the quality of its relationship to clients who want to reclaim the design of their interior space with the help of experts. The 145 Perene stores established in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxemburg offer unique sources of inspiration. Perene is the brand for tailored projects that are anchored in ‘art de vivre’ and offer a unique sensorial experience. Perene is the brands for projects that are personalised down to the last detail thanks to a broad and specialised range of products.

Our mission

Since 2002, ND assists Perene with its digital communication in particular through:

  • 3 web redesign
  • Creation of mini sites for the network of interior design agents
  • Digital promotional tools and emailing
  • SEO strategy and monitoring
  • Implementation of sponsorship programme Le Cercle
  • Digital point of sales tools displaying details of the models featured in the stores

In 2016, Perene completely revamped is image with a new web site.

Main objectives for the 2016 revamp:

  • Place the emphasis on Perene’s premium, multi sensorial and emotional image as well as on the privileged relationship to the client.
  • WEB TO STORE approach: Place the stores and people at the heart of the project
  • Optimise the generation of leads
  • Satisfy the clients’ new needs and uses


  • Design, UX, Artistic Direction and Web design.
  • Assistance with photo shootings.
  • Content creation for the website and blog
  • Capitalise on the DB functionalities and architecture on all sites of the FOURNIER group via a common Drupal 7 technical platform
  • Roll out of the Perene website under Drupal 7
  • Responsive Design
  • Design of JS interaction
  • Web services to automatically send the consumer base to FOURNIER
  • Interactive catalogue in page flip mode with a version compatible with mobile phones.
  • SEO optimisations