Year: since 2014

  • Brand platform
  • Social Media strategy

Strategy support for an exceptional industry brand


Mecalac is an SME that has a global presence and is leader on some segments of its market such as mechanical shovels and multi-purpose loaders. Operating in a highly competitive environment, facing major players such as CAT, VOLVO or LIEBHERR, Mecalac is a brand that is unique and boasts undisputed potential.

The challenge

Translate this unique and exceptional image through a brand platform that conveys Mecalac’s iconoclast brand personality. How to address social media and Facebook in particular to capitalise on the natural sympathy the market has for this brand?

Solutions / Results

Together with Kern – its branding and communication division – ND assisted the Management team in the creation of a new brand platform.
For Facebook, ND provides assistance to the internal teams and is in charge of the fan acquisition tools, using promotional contests and an editorial line drawn up together with the client.

The results were impressive and well beyond expectations:

  • Objective 1: 3,000 fans by the time the Intermat trade show was to be held
    The Facebook page of Mecalac already had 11,000 fans by that time.
    The first short term objective was achieved and exceeded by 366%!
  • Objective 2: 5,000 fans by end of 2015
    In October 2015, there were already 20,000 fans, i.e. more than 4 times the objective.
    The system implemented by ND singlehandedly resulted in 17,000 fans, that is 85% of fans for the page.
  • Objectif n°3 : quality fans, committed
    The commitment level for the page increased to 33% when the system was implemented by ND, which is well above the average typically observed for similar pages.