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Year: since 2014



LME has a website dedicated to the online sale of electrical equipment. Thanks to their quality products and attractive pricing the website experienced rapid growth from the moment it was launched. Initially called ‘’, the name was later changed to

Our mission

As part on the change of name and to support its development LME entrusted Net Design with the complete revamp of its e-commerce website with the following objectives:

  • Use open source resources to create an online boutique that can be managed and is compatible with mobile platforms
  • Position the website with an approach focused on ‘quality at a reduced price’

The design phase led to an information structure focused on the users and a structure that also facilitates indexing of product sheets with search engines. The new website features easy and efficient browsing that highlights and promotes the new image of Domomat.

The new website also follows best practices in terms of e-commerce thanks to a specific structure, reassurance and a clear offering. Thanks to a plethora of new features (such a loyalty enhancement programmes), the new website will accompany the success of LME in the long run.


  • Creation, UX, Artistic management and Web design
  • PrestaShop 1.6 Open source
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO
  • web marketing monitoring