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Year: since 2014
Projects & Campaigns

Assistance with digital strategy and revamp of the brand website


Created in 2010, Laboratoire Codage excels in the art of formulation. Their savoir-faire inherited from traditional French pharmacy relies on decoding individual beauty challenges, perfect knowledge of the properties of the components used and the precision of the dosages.

Thanks to their expertise, Codage proposes tailored cosmetic treatments based on ultra-efficient serums which composition is formulated to satisfy the needs of each type of skin.

The challenge

Combining brand image, user experience, and sales features in a same digital solution?

Solution / Result

Net Design proposed the creation of a 2-in-1 digital platform that serves both as the brand website and for e-commerce, adopting the 3 following orientations:

  • A showcase digital platform, promoting Codage’s universe, conveying the positioning of the brand and its singularity
  • a user-centred digital store proposing experience-based e-commerce, making the concept accessible to users
  • ua multi-platform digital experience that is flexible, in order to generate more business and facilitate transformation